10 Predictions for the 2014 NFL Season

  1. The Denver Broncos will have a fantastic regular season and suffer a heartbreaking loss in the playoffs.
  2. The Cowboys will be the same old Cowboys only more so this year and Jason Garrett will be fired.
  3. Michael Sam will play a regular season game. That will be the only positive news the Cowboys will generate this year.
  4. San Francisco will take a step back this year and not make the playoffs.
  5. The Bills will miss the playoffs again. CJ Spiller will average over 5 yards a carry and have about 12 rushes per game.
  6. Blake Bortles will play and the Jacksonville Jaguars will be a surprisingly respectable team.
  7. Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel will both play for the Browns and the Browns will continue to be the same old Browns. The only difference is that this year people will actually pay attention to them.
  8. The NFL and the player’s union will agree on HGH testing in exchange for softening the penalties for marijuana use.
  9. The Jets will be a circus again. Geno Smith will be replaced by Michael Vick at some point and for the second straight year the Jets will miraculously avoid posting a losing record.
  10. The Bengals will win their division again and actually win a playoff game.