I’m Sure That Deep Down Phil Simms Is Very Concerned About The Future of Afghanistan

One of the reasons the major networks pay so much money for NFL coverage is that, besides all the money they make selling advertising space, it also gives them a great platform to promote their own programming. Rather than take up valuable time during the commercial breaks, they can have the play by play guy plug shows during breaks in the action. Typically these are sitcoms and one-hour dramas, but CBS always promotes 60 Minutes, which can at times deal with very serious topics.

According to Jim Nantz, the show will be tackling a particularly serious issue tonight; the threat of the barbaric radical group ISIS expanding into Afghanistan after the American forces withdraw. The idea that after 14 years of American forces giving their lives to fight off the Taliban only to see an even more barbaric group take over after they pull out is obviously a chilling thought. Here is how the plug for the 60 Minutes program played out during the Bengals/Colts game today.

Jim Nantz: With American forces leaving Afghanistan, could ISIS move in there too? Hear from the General in charge tonight on 60 Minutes.

Phil Simms: How ‘bout this offensive line so far by the Indianapolis Colts?

Next time there is a particularly serious topic on 60 Minutes the producers might want to consider waiting until just before a commercial break before making the plug. Just a suggestion.