Jim Harbaugh to Coach RG3 in St. Louis in 2015

My well-placed sources in the Rams organization have confirmed that they are currently putting together a plan to bring together both Jim Harbaugh and Robert Griffin III in St. Louis next year. Both RG3 and Jim Harbaugh appear to be in rocky relationships with their current teams and the Rams feel they can offer an attractive landing spot, not just with their roster filled with young talent, but with the opportunity to exact some revenge on their former teams.

You may recall that it was St. Louis that traded the opportunity to select RG3 to the Redskins for three first round picks and one second round pick. The Rams feel they will be able to pick up Griffin for a 6th round pick, but may go as high as a 5th rounder to get the deal done. The Rams feel that Griffin still has the potential to turn into an elite quarterback given the right environment, but the main reason for their fixation with landing Griffin is pure ego.

Right now the Griffin trade is quietly becoming one of the most lopsided trades in the history of the NFL. If the Rams are able to land Griffin with a late round draft pick, sign him to a modest contract extension, and then turn him into the quarterback he was supposed to be, the original Griffin trade would instantly be looked at as the greatest trade in the history of pro spots, making the Hershel Walker trade look like a win-win in comparison. The Rams would somehow managed to get Griffin and the bounty of top picks.

As for Harbaugh, the 49ers seem intent on running one of the best coaches in league out of town, either because they find him so personally irritating or they simply don’t want to pay market value for him. Given the job Harbaugh did in resurrecting Alex Smith’s career and maximizing the talents of Colin Kaepernick, he would seem like the ideal coach for RG3.

It is obvious why the Rams would want Harbaugh, but there is reason to believe that Harbaugh would be equally interested in the Rams, particularly if they were to land Griffin. He is as intense a competitor as there is in the NFL, and he would relish the opportunity to have two games each a year against the 49ers and his old nemesis Pete Carroll.

This scenario would have once looked merely like a delusional fantasy dreamed up by some blogger, but with RG3 benched for the second straight year by a second coach, and the 49ers hanging onto their post season hopes by a thread, the Rams now have reason to believe this could be a realistic possibility. You can bet that everyone in the Rams organization will be rooting for the Seahawks on Thanksgiving.

Editors’ Note: This website does not have any sources in the Rams organization. That part was made up.