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I Love Michael Jordan

I am a sports fan in my late thirties who loves Michael Jordan. While there are millions of men in their late thirties who are crazy about Jordan, I am perhaps unique in that I only became a huge fan of his last week, when I learned that he was considering building himself his own golf course so he could be assured of being able to play a round of golf in three hours. I am thrilled that such a famous person has taken a stand against 3+ hour rounds of golf.

I love golf playing golf, but unless I get the first tee off time in the morning I find most of my time on the course is spent standing around watching someone take practice swings or size up their 4 foot putt. I am far from the only person who has complained about pace of play in golf, but I find that most of the people complaining seem to be upset about rounds taking longer than four hours and fifteen minutes. Four hours and fifteen minutes is a ridiculous length of time for a round of golf.

The posted times for all golf courses, not just Michael Jordan’s future course, should be 3 hours. If you are elderly or have some leg problems, then you should use a cart. How can anyone be expected to regularly play a sport that takes longer than watching a major league baseball game? The sport is being destroyed by people who have absolutely nothing else to do besides play golf, and those who play as if the entire nation is hanging on the outcome of their every shot.

If golf wants to halt its steady decline over the last decade it needs to be a sport where people don’t feel like they need to build their own private course in order to have an enjoyable, fast paced round. In order to grow the game golf needs to start focusing more on people who have other things to do in their lives who just want to have a fast based, enjoyable round of golf.